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What is an Intranet?

The Intranet is the term being used for the implementation of Internet technologies within a corporate organization, rather than for external connection to the global Internet. This implementation is performed in such a way as to deliver the immense informational resources of an organization to each individual’s desktop with minimal cost, time and effort.

 InfoWorld found that 80 percent of Fortune 1000 companies have an intranet and another 15 percent are planning to build one.

Web Reports

WebMaster Series- Online Intranet Seminars

bulletIntranet Applications.... How the Web is used within Enterprises
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bulletHow to Succeed as a Corporate WebMaster


Interactive Demos

bulletNational Semiconductor engineers can enhance their productivity by using an internal web site called Community of Practice. It serves as a highly secure forum from which engineers can share confidential knowledge and ideas with their colleagues.
bulletCompany Profiles of more than 25 different companies and how they have found ways to take advantage of the power of Intranets. They should give you a few ideas for how an Intranet can be used at your company.

A new Report from Forrester's Network Strategy Service predicts the emergence of a next-generation Intranet, enhanced by five standards-based services: directory, e-mail, file, print, and network management. This Full Service Intranet will displace today's proprietary NOS -- like Novell's NetWare, Microsoft's NT, and Banyan's Vines.


Links to other Intranet Sites

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White Papers

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